Native Plants of the Sydney region: an identification guide by Alan Fairley and Phillip Moore. Colour illustrations
640 pages. Publisher: Allen & Unwin. Paperback – 2010

This book is based on the authors’ earlier editions of Native Plants of the Sydney District, which became the standard reference for bushwalkers, gardeners, bush care workers, environmentalists, botanists, landscape architects and students. It has been completely rewritten with descriptions of nearly 1400 plant species, some only recently discovered, as well as many new colour photographs and revised names in an up-to-date taxonomy



burnumBurnum Burnum’s WILDthings by Geoff Sainty  Revised Edition. 206 pages, colour, soft cover, Published in 2000 by Sainty & Associates.

This pocket-sized field guide contains over 1100 photographs of wild things, each with a short description. Contains a wide range of plants and animals plus Aboriginal legends. A quick reference to a wide range of the common, and occasionally rare, plants and animals from Nowra to Newcastle in New South Wales.




field-guide-to-the-native-plants-of-sydneyField Guide to the Native Plants of Sydney by Les Robinson.  448 pages. Paperback. Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia. 2003.

Sydney’s best-known and invaluable field guide to native plants is now in its third edition and completely updated. Refreshed by a new modern cover, this indispensable guide has been brought right up to date. It describes and illustrates over 1370 species. Information is given on the history, ecology, Aboriginal and European uses of each plant, together with references to literature and the journals of explorers. This field guide opens up Sydney’s extraordinary rich flora to plant lovers, students, bushwalkers, gardeners and environmentalists, in fact to anyone who wants to identify a plant in the bush. ‘I commend this book to all who would like to know our fascinating native plants better.’ John Dengate




3099Grasses of Temperate Australia. A Field Guide by C.A. Lamp et. al. Illustrations, Glossary, Bibliography, Index  332 pages. Paperback. Publisher: Bloomings Books. 2001

While Grasses of Temperate Australia is a comprehensive field guide to grasses, it is also designed to introduce the amateur botanist to this interesting group of plants. The authors have selected over 100 grasses that impinge on our daily lives – species that we may use or, at least, see during our work or recreation.