Pyrmont Ultimo LandcareWentworth Park light rail corridor 2014

Why grow indigenous plants?

Most nurseries sell native plants from all over Australia. A few specialise in plants grown from seeds sourced in our local area. By selecting these, we revive the plants that used to flourish in our own backyards. This is important, because:

    • These plants evolved here over millennia, together with the wildlife that relied on them;
    • By maintaining genetic integrity, we encourage healthy, hardy species that have adapted to local environmental conditions;
    • We can help bring back local native birds, butterflies, lizards etc;
    • This practice also preserves genetic biodiversity; and
    • Planting local native stock helps to prevent the introduction of weeds.

In the inner-west of Sydney,  specialist nurseries include:

Randwick Council Community Nursery

What should I bring?

Wear sensible clothes including shoes and a hat or sunscreen. Bring a water bottle. Tools and gloves are provided

What is the aim of the group?

The group’s aims are detailed in our constitution which you can download here. In brief:Our aim is to improve the natural ecology of Pyrmont, Ultimo and beyond.Our objectives are:

    • To cooperate in the development of baseline information on the natural ecology of Pyrmont peninsula and Ultimo
    • To identify, evaluate, and implement strategies to improve this ecology, thereby to provide a sound basis for ecological renewal of the peninsula
    • To build community spirit and volunteerism among residents, and to foster creativity and knowledge of ecological matters in the community
    • To generate partnerships with other stakeholders in this process of ecological renewal

To support wider initiatives towards an improved ecology of the City and the region.

Who pays for the plants?

The City of Sydney gives the group strong support: free topsoil and mulch, local native plants from Randwick Council Community Nursery and rubbish removal.  We have also had support from several local businesses and individuals: Star City, Channel 10, Shah Yee, Star City Medical Centre, Lend Lease. As we aim to be financially independent of the City Council, we welcome donations from all interested companies and individuals.

Recent Grants

In 2020 we received grants from the City of Sydney and the Darling Square Community Bank to establish community composting trials. We aim to encourage local residents to be involved, and learn the value of composting vegetable matter and green waste, rather than putting it into garbage bins, and thus adding it to landfill.

When and where do you work?

We work on Wednesday and Sunday mornings, from 8.30am (earlier when it’s really hot) until 12-ish (depending on how hot, tired etc we all are!); but people come when they can and leave when they like.We are currently working at Quarry Master Drive/Saunders Street Pyrmont on Wednesdays, and Wentworth Park light rail stop on Sundays. Click on a site name to see a map.

Do I have to pay anything?

There is nothing to pay as a volunteer. If you want to join Pyrmont Ultimo Landcare Inc, there is a joining fee (this includes your first year’s membership) of $20, and an annual fee of $10 thereafter. This entitles you to vote for the committee and on any issues the group needs to decide.

Can kids come?

Kids are welcome with an adult, and there are lots of ways kids can help. We ask that an adult accompanies kids up to the age of 12.

Can anyone join?

Everyone is welcome to join us. We work on Wednesday and Sunday mornings, and you can come to every session, or as frequently or infrequently as you like. Children under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by an adult.