Our Sites

A current focus of the group is on the light rail corridor in Pyrmont.  We aim to create an area for native birds, butterflies, lizards and other native wildlife, by replacing weeds with plants that would have grown here before white settlement.

The corridor runs along three sites maintained by Landcare:   alongside Saunders Street, the Fish Market Light Rail Stop and both sides of the walkways leading to the Wentworth Park Light Rail platform.

SAUNDERS STREET:   (the area opposite Channel 10) : the transformation from weeds to natives 

Saunders Street site August 2018

FISH MARKET LIGHT RAIL STOP: This once neglected, rubbish strewn area, now displays mature native flora including wattles, grevilleas, westringias and hibbertia ground cover.

Mulching and weeding at Fish Market Light Rail corridor August 2017


                  early days 2006 …

these photos taken in 2014 show the transformation over the past eight years

                       working at Wentworth Park Light Rail corridor October 2017

flourishing natives: Dianella revoluta and Grevillea October 2018


Piles of Crofton weed were removed to reveal this beautiful Maidenhair fern

JONES STREET POCKET PARK (Trina’s path): Nestled behind Miller Street and crossing the light rail bridge into Saunders Street is the Jones Street Pocket Park walkway with its glorious sandstone cliff backdrop. The Landcare group has planted and maintains this site, regularly mulching and planting the area.  It is a showcase of wattles, blueberry ash, westringias and other native plants.  It has become a habitat for blue tongue lizards, lorikeets, kookaburras and magpies.

Trina’s path August 2018

Callicoma serratifolia (Black wattle) blooming October 2018

QUARRY MASTER DRIVE: The area on the corner of Quarry Master Drive and Bank Street, set beneath the spiralling pedestrian ramp of the Anzac Bridge, and adjacent to apartments blocks, was once the site of heavy sandstone quarrying. Here the Landcare group has planted hardy native species to withstand the dry, inhospitable conditions and with a nod to the past a few sandstone blocks are placed throughout.

Quarry Master Drive site August 2018